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Verifying AREN Membership

Verifying Your AREN Membership Status

This guide was created to answer the following questions:

  • How do I know if my membership is current and paid?
  • What is the difference between an AREN Member and a Site User registered to use this website?
  • If I’m a Site User and I want to join AREN, how do I become a Member?
  • What do I do if my membership has expired or I was a member in the past but have not logged into the new website yet?

Site Users vs. AREN Members

The Aggie Real Estate Network (AREN) is a non-profit organization with paid memberships. Members must pay annual dues to remain in active membership status. Prior to December 2010, membership dues were paid on a calendar year basis. Beginning in December 2010 with the launch of this new website, membership dues are now paid for a 12 month period from the initial join date and must be renewed on subsequent annual anniversary dates.

One feature of this new website is that it tracks two levels of access. The first level of access is that of aSite User. Site Users are not required to pay membership dues to gain access to the site so their access is limited. A Site User is not a paid member of AREN. A registered Site User will receive AREN’s Newsletters but they may not access the Membership Directory, Resume Posting or Job Posting.

The second level of access is for fully paid Members of AREN. Members have full access to all features of the website including Newsletters, the Membership Directory, Resume Posting an Job Posting. To become a Member you must complete a Membership Application and pay annual dues.

Click here to learn the Steps to Verifying Your AREN Membership Status.